• BEJOY NARAYAN MAHAVIDYALAYA, a Government-Sponsored and NAAC-accredited (3rd Cycle) UGC recognized co-educational college, is noted for its prestigious position as a premier academic institution affiliated to the University of Burdwan. The college was established in the year 1950. Located in an agriculture- based rural area in the district of Hooghly in West Bengal, this college is proud of its seventy two years of contribution to the field of education, offering its students a wide range of subjects, which is backed by adequate infrastructural facilities and well managed student-support system. The vision of the Mahavidyalaya is to empower its students in social, moral and intellectual terms, and in the process to become one of the best educational institutions in the State catering to the rural people’s need for higher education. The mission of the college is ‘Tanme manah siva samkalpamastu’ (May the mind of mine be an auspicious resolution).  


    At present, the student strength is around 3600 who are mentored by 91 faculty-members (including SACTs). We offer honours courses in 13 subjects and general courses in 15 subjects (including the recently introduced subject Santali). The process has already been initiated to offer three job oriented courses. 

    The vision of the Mahavidyalaya is:"Tanme Manah Siva Samkalpamastu" (May that mind of mine
    be an auspicious resolution).

    The mission of the institution is as follows:
    1. To develop self-esteem and accountability among the students of the Mahavidyalaya.
    2. To promote research-oriented teaching-learning activity.
    3. To promote ICT (Information Communications Technology) based teaching to complement the
    conventional teaching with chalk and duster.
    4. To introduce courses and consultancies that would be beneficial to the students mostly coming from rural
    5. To collaborate with all the stakeholders of the institution for an all-round effort towards enhancement and
    sustenance of quality.