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                           Executive Members (Present):


                                                                                      Dr. Goutam Bit        (Principal & President)

                                                                    Dr. Kausik Ghosh        (Staff Facilitator)

                                                                    Sri Samir Kr. Majumdar    (Treasurer)

                                                                    Dr. Shalmoli Chakraborty

                                                                    Dr. Malay Ghosh

                                                                    Dr. Milita Roy

                                                                    Dr. Parasuram Kamilya                             

                                                                    Dr. Pinak Dutta

                                                                    Miss Krittika Chatterjee

                                                                    Miss Anuska Ahir

                                                                    Mr. Arpan Ghosh

                                                                    Mr. Pranay Kundu









    Homeland of Migratory Birds (Lesser Whistling Teal) in our campus




    Talk by Dr. Kausik Ghosh on Science: Conquering Nature during Science Day (click here)






    Dr. Milita Roy, CANOPIAN at BTR, Butterfly NAtional Level Meet at Jayanti, BUXA, West Bengal









    Big Butterfly Month: Photography Contest











    • Preparation and maintenance of butterfly park (Click here)


    • Cleaning and restoration of habitat of "Lesser Whistling Teal" within the campus (Click here)


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    • Be careful about your HAND HYGIENE ANYTIME ANYWHERE (Click Here)



    • New Findings on CO2 - Heat-trapping GREEN HOUSE gas during Lockdown (Click Here)


    • And we still call ourselves HUMAN BEINGS: We the members of Canopy strongly condemn the killing of a pregnant elephant and will continue our protest against any such heinous act (Click Here)



    • To commemorate "WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY 05/06/2020" Some unique ways towards wildlife conservation amidst Lockdown (Click Here)
    • "WORLD OCEAN DAY" - THE 8th of JUNE 2020 (CLICK HERE)