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    Seminars organized by the Department of Mathematics (during 2015-2021)

    Details of Seminars 2015-2021 CLICK HERE


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    Departmental Wall-magazine Ganita 2023


    Congratulations to our student Swastika Banerjee (4th Semester Mathematics Hons.) for successfully participating in the MTTS Programme held at IISER Kolkata during May-June 2022





    Congratulations to our student Subhendu Pramanick (2017-2020 Mathematics Hons. batch) for qualifying in JAM 2020 and also for joining the Integrated Ph.D programme at the Kerala School of Mathematics







    Honours Question Papers (Burdwan University) of previous years (Click on year)



    CC-012019  2020  2021


    CC-022019  2020  2021


    CC-03 :                                    2022


    CC-04 :


    CC-052018              2020   2021


    CC-062018              2020   2021


    CC-072018              2020








    CC-112020   2021


    CC-122020   2021


    CC-132020   2021


    CC-142020   2021


    DSE-12020   2021


    DSE-22020   2021


    DSE-32020   2021


    DSE-42020   2021


    SEC-12018              2020    2021








    Study Material:


    SEM-IV Functions of Several Variables Material-1 : click here to view

    SEM-IV SEC-2 Graph Theory Notes Click here to view

    SEM-IV SEC-2 Graph Theory Problem Set 1 Click here to view

    SEM-IV SEC-2 Graph Theory Problem Set 2 Click here to view

    SEM-III SEC-1 Introduction to Propositional Logic Click here to view

    SEM-II CC-03 Note on Finite, Countable and Uncountable Sets (RSG) Click here to view

    SEM-I CC-02 Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors Click here to view

    SEM-IV Chain Rule for Function of Several Variable : Click here to view


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    RAJESH MONDAL HoD & ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Ph.D 18.02.2015 rajesh@bnmv.ac.in
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    MAHADEB SAHU ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Ph.D 23.12.1999 mahadeb@bnmv.ac.in
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    DWIJENDRA NATH BAR ASSISTANT PROFESSOR M.Sc, NET 10.02.2015 dwijen@bnmv.ac.in
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    RAIBATAK SEN GUPTA ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Ph.D. 28.03.2017 raibatak@bnmv.ac.in
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