There are established systems and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities - laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, and classrooms in the college.


    1. Departments are sanctioned annual grants for maintaining basic academic and support facilities for the students of respective departments including laboratories, internet facilities, gadgets and departmental libraries.


            2. The college prepares a budget for annual expenditure which includes expenses for all sorts of maintenance works.


           3. Following the budgetary provision the Finance Committee allot the necessary fund to concerned departments for maintenance works. It also considers demands from different departments and make necessary fund allotment.


           4. There is a library committee for mobilizing activities towards maintenance of library facilities and utilization of its resources.


           5. The Sports subcommittee looks after the maintenance of sports facilities. The college has made a contract with a local NGO for maintaining the college ground.


           6. The College has contracted AMC with Souvik Dutta for maintenance of computers and IT facilities.


           7. The College has contracted AMC with MSS for designing, developing and maintaining the College website.


           8. IQAC and Academic Committee makes recommendation regarding utilization of support facilities which is processed and executed by the Principal with due approval from   Finance Committee and Governing Body or Administrator.


    Procedures and Policies for maintaining and utilizing facilities